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Ibn Sina Medical Center is a well running poly clinic since 1999, which is providing good quality healthcare services to the people. We provide the best and cost effective care, asses sable to every patient’s need with Specialized Professional Care.

We at Ibn Sina Medical Center is pleased to welcome you and your family. We want all of our patients to be informed that decision making should be fully understood in any health issues you face. We have an incredibly professional and friendly medical, dental and office staffs. We know how hectic life can be, between work, family, friends, medical and dental appointments, and we are committed to making our services convenient and accessible. We want you to feel confident that when you choose Ibn Sina Medical Center, you’re working with a family of medical professionals who are qualified, experienced and caring.

Our Vision

IBN Sina Medical Center committed to providing quality, state-of-the-art medical and dental care for people of all ages. We pride ourselves on our patient-centered practice and will do everything possible to make visits pleasant for our patients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our patients reach the utmost level of medical and oral health possible so they may experience the benefits of a functional and complete well-being.

Why Choose Us


In Ibn Sina we operate with the newest technology, we believe that using contemporary equipment will help us perform a perfect procedure for your oral needs.

High Standard Sterilization

 We make sure that we maintain the cleanliness and the standard procedure of sterilizing our tools.

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Devoted to you’re family’s care

Home Care

IBS sina is a dedicated  to provide the highest quality care to our clients. Our highly-trained nurses provides standard care and makes sure that every patients is at ease. We mainly focused on home health care, respiratory health. oxygen therapy, eternal and parental nutrition.

Pregnancy Care

Being a mother is a precious gift and pregnancy is the most crucial period of woman’s life. The best care, comfort and support is necessary

New Born Care

IBN Sina will guide you through presenting on feeding (breast etc..), bathing, dressing, general baby care and hygiene and teaching you about setting a routine for the newborn baby.

Elderly Care

IBN Sina home care will help you how to properly care for your loved ones by following a few step.

General Practitioner

IBN Sina operates the newest equipment to check the different medical conditions of your vital signs at your home.


We have passion for a beautiful smile

Dental Care

Regular dental check up is very important in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. During dental visits our dentists will perform an overall check up for your mouth, teeth and gums. It is vital to see your dentist regularly. In IBN Sina we make sure that we will maintain your oral hygiene for you to keep your beautiful smile.

General Dentistry

Is responsible for evaluating, preventing,diagnosing and treating oral disease,as well as maintaining the appearance and the function of the teeth.

lumineers Lumineers

Lumineers don’t require shots or drilling, means to say there will be no pain in the procedure, Lumineers are ultra thin so they can be applied seamlessly on your teeth that gives you a perfect smile.


orthodontic-dentistryOrthodontic Dentistry

Is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction, diagnosis, prevention of dental and facial irregularities occurring from misaligned teeth, missing teeth, overbite/underbite,malocclusion and incorrect jaw position. Most of these problems are corrected using

aesthetic-gum-procedureAesthetic Gum Procedure

Some people do have excessive or uneven part of gum tissues showing when they smile. It’s commonly known as “gummy smile”. Aesthetic gum procedure can create an even gum line and gives you a beautiful smile.

jaw-joint-disordersJaw Joint Disorders

This will cause you severe pain and discomfort. It can be for a short-term or will last for few years It will affect both sides of your face.

gum-depigmentationGum Depigmentation

The color of our gums should be pink but in some cases there are darker looking gums, it’s because of excessive melanin that can build up in your gums.


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